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Ozone Aging Test Chamber

Ozone Aging Test Chamber

    Ozone Aging Test Chamber

    Ozone Aging Test Chamber is used to test the ozone environment, the characteristics of crack-resistant rubber, ozone resistance testing machine, can control and adjust the concentration of ozone environment, to determine the anti-ozone properties of the specimen. The equipment can comply with the standard: JISK6259 ASTM1149 ISO1431 GB/TTB62 GB/T13642

    1. Stainless steel inside and outside 
    2. Outside made iron with powder coating 
    3. Durable ozone generator
    4. Insulation material is High-density glass fiber cotton
    5. Bottom is universal round wheel and fixed foot
    6. Window materials is multilayer steel-glass, the inside is chip conductive

    Technical Parameters:  





     Internal Dimensions WxHxD (mm)




     Internal Dimensions WxHxD (mm)




     Temperature Range


     Control Accuracy

    of Temperature


     Distribution Uniformity

    of Temperature


     Analytic Accuracy

    of temperature


    Ozone Concentration (pphm)

     1~1000, adjustable

     Deviation of  Ozone Concentration


     Ozone Generator

     Silent discharge tube type

     Internal and External Material

     Material of the inner box is SUS 304# stainless steel, of the outer box is stainless steel or SEE cold-rolled steel with paint coated.

     Insulation Material

     Polyurethane rigid foam / superfine glass fiber cotton


     Leakage, short circuit, over-current protection


     AC 220V 

    Machine structure
    1. Machine type: integral type
    2. External material: 1.0 mm thickness stainless steel or paint coated outter shell
    3. Internal material: 1.0 mm thickness stainess steel
    4.Insulation material: Resistant to high temperature , high density PU foam
    5.Door: single-door,Good sealing performance, with thermal insulation layer and prevent dewing electric heating device, flexible open.

    Cooling system
    1.Work method:Mechanical compression refrigeration .
    2.The refrigeration compressor:French “Tecumseh”compressor.
    3.The evaporator:Finned tube heat exchanger.
    4. The condenser:Shell and tube plate condenser.
    5.electric magnetic valve expansion system:Danfoss thermal expansion valve.Danfoss solenoid valve
    6. Condenser: Stainless steel welded plate heat exchanger.
    7. Refrigerants;R22, 404A, environmental protection, ozone loss index is 0 .

    Safety protection device
    1. the refrigeration system: The compressor overheating/ Compressor flow/Compressor overpressure/ Cooling fan overheating/ The compressor oil pressure protection
    2. test chamber: Adjustable overtemperature/Air conditioning channel overtemperature limit/ Fan motor overheating
    3. the other: The total power phase sequence and the lack of protection /Electric leakage protection/Dry heating protection/ Overload and short circuit protection/ Overtemperature protection power

    This machine according to JIS-K6259 ;  ASTM1149 ; ASTM1171 ; ISO1431; DIN53509 GB/T13642,GB 2951( Wire and cable resistance to ozone test method) and GB/T 7762-2003(Vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber resistance to ozone cracking static tensile test). GB/T3642-92、GB/T7762-2003

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