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UV Climate Resistant Aging Test Chamber

UV Climate Resistant Aging Test Chamber

    UV Climate Resistant Aging Test Chamber

    UV Climate Resistant Aging Test Chamber is simulated sunlight damage on the material and product test, widely used in the evaluation of material climate resistant.

    Technical Parameters

    1. Internal Dimension :115 x 50 x 50 CM ( W x H x D )

    2. External Dimension :135 x 160 x 70 CM( W x H x D )

    【Temperature Humidity Rnage

    1. Temperature :( RT+15)70℃ (adjustable, can control)

    2. Humidity 90%R.H (only display, can not control)

    【Main Parameters

    1. Temp. Fluctuation±0.5

    2. Temperature Uniformity±3℃.

    3. Irradiance fluctuation±0.2w / m2Irradiance Uniformity±10%w / m2

    4. BPTTest temp+environment temperature (1℃~30℃)( can't controlled, only display)

    5. Distance between tubes75mm±25mm.

    6. Distance between specimen and tubes50500mm±30mm(adjustable)

    7. Tubes power40W ;10 pieces in total, Length:1200mm 

    8. UV wave length280nm420nm (fixed, can not adjustable)

    9. Irradiation Range1w/m2

    10. Simulated condensationcondensation system time is adjustable,Irradiance instrument is optional.

    11. UV light exposure, simulated condensation time range099hours,adjustable.

    12. Testing Time0999H adjustable

    Heating System 
    1) Heating with high speed U-shaped titanium alloy electric heat tube ;
    2) Independent system, with no effects to the testing and electrical control. 
    3) Temperature control and power output all calculate by micro-computer, thus with high precision and high efficiency of electricity efficiency.
    4) Heating system with over temperature protection function. 

    Black Panel temperature control 
    1) With black aluminum plate connect to temperature sensor 
    2) With black panel temperature meter display, more stable. 

    Circuit Control System 
    1) Controller with LED digital screen display, high precision. 
    2) With power off memory function, can continue the remaining testing procedure when power on.
    3) Temperature control with P.I.D.+S.S.R, synchronized with the control system, thus improve the components stability and life expectancy. 
    4) Button type setting, digital and direct display
    5)With P.I.D automatic calculation function, reduce the artificial setting inconvenience. 
    6)Light, condensation and spray can be independently and alternate cycle controlled.

    Light source system
    24 pcs imported UV tubes.
    Tube life: 1200 hours

    Water spray System 
    1) Spray uniformity adjustment : use the manual control function of the controller, observe the spray condition with the door open, then adjust or change the spray nozzle.
    2) Spray status monitor: the machine configurated with spray devices which simulate the temperature change and water corrosion when raining, with several spray nozzles and spray uniformly. When spray and how long time spray all free set by customer themselves. 
    3) Customer have to prepare pressured deionized water . 

    Safety Configuration: 
    Protection of electric leakage, power outage when over load, over temperature protection, water shortage,touch ground protection. 

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